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PEACE: Portal of Epigraphy, Archaeology, Conservation and Education on Jewish Funerary Culture

PEACE Partners

Project partners

At present, the PEACE project brings together three epigraphic databases:

  1. Utrecht University: Funerary Inscriptions of Jews from Italy.

Over 800 Jewish epitaphs, dating to the 2nd – 11th century CE, from Rome and Southern Italy.

  1. The Steinheim Institute, Germany: Epidat.

Over 32,000  Jewish epitaphs, dating to the 11th – 21st century, primarily from Germany.

  1. Brown University, USA: Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine.

About 3,000 inscriptions, dating to the 6th century BCE – 7th century CE, from the area of present-day Israel and Palestine. Most inscriptions are funerary, but they are not restricted to the Jewish community.

The three partner databases have different geographical and, partly, chronological foci, but they all employ EpiDoc. This means that merging them into one large portal will be easily feasible, and also that future partner databases may participate by using this standard  encoding format.

We hope that in future years more databases will join the project, and the PEACE portal will provide an encompassing picture of Jewish funerary culture.